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Homme brun en chemise et chaussettes blanches masturbant son pénis en érection allongé sur son lit
What the fuck is is the official site of jerking off. That means masturbation.

More specifically is an information website that publishes articles on the subject of masturbation. Indeed masturbation can also be called “jerk off”. Because masturbating is also said to “masturbate”. So the goal of the site is to be “The official site of the branle”.

In addition the site has a very practical reading of the subject of onanism. Therefore there is a tendency to speak raw in matters of sexuality. In addition, the editorial content of the site may show sexual nudity. For example there are photographs and videos of sex, erect penis, body hair and sperm on naked bodies. Obviously the site can deal with the subject of homosexuality with the presentation of gay men.

In order to illustrate its point, the site may relay content disclosed on pornographic sites. The fact is that pornographic content is, above all, audiovisual works born from the mind of an author and featuring people. It should not be forgotten that intellectual works fall under the Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, the site strives to respect the copyright and image rights of people, more specifically article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code.

In addition, the site manages a platform for putting people in contact seeking to carry out a masturbation experience (called “plan jerks”) in a given city. As such, the site needs to collect a certain amount of information about its users. For example, email address and geographic location. Also the site strives to respect the right to the protection of personal data resulting from the general data protection regulation (GDPR). So he enacts his privacy policy. offers many internet services

  1. How to jerk off when you are a man?

    To know how to jerk off (in other words how to masturbate) when you are a man, you can refer back to Jerk Off Technics described on this site.

  2. How to play with penis?

    To have ideas to play with penis, you can discover Jerk Off Games presented on this site.

  3. How to see mens masturbating?

    To see mens masturbating, you can watch Jerk Off Photos on this site.

  4. How to jerk off between guys?

    To jerk off between guys, you can register in the Club wich manage a contact service between registered members. All plan applicants are on the move. Come find your buddies!

  5. How to contact the site

    To contact this site you can write a mail to or use the contact form on site