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Terms of Use


These general conditions of use (CGU) frame the contractual relations between the publisher of the site and its users.

The site

The site which is the subject of these general conditions of use is accessible on the web via the address This website is hereinafter called “ site” or simply “site”. The site consists of a number of web pages which contain information processed and published by the publisher. This information is digital data which can represent text, drawings, photos, videos, sounds. This digital data can be produced directly by the publisher or by third parties.

The users

Are called “users” all persons who consult the site on the Internet by means of a telephone, a tablet, a computer or any object connected to the Internet.

The host

The site is accessible to users all year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In fact, to host its site on the internet, the publisher rents computer servers that operate continuously. These computer servers are managed by the company OVH located in Roubaix in France, which is a simplified joint-stock company with single partner (SASU), with a capital of 10,174,560.00 Euros, registered in the Lille Métropole trade and companies register above number 424 761 419, hereinafter referred to as “host”.

User journey

Users access the site by entering the domain name “” in a web browser (for example Google Chrome) or by entering keywords on the subject of masturbation such as “wank”, “wank”, “Masturbate” in a search engine (eg Keywords are used by the publisher in the context of natural referencing (search engine optimization, SEO) of the site in order to optimize its communication with users. In its searches, depending on the keywords used and the referencing of web pages on search engines, users can arrive on any web page of the site. On each web page of the site, hyperlinks allow users to access the other pages of the site and thus discover all or part of the content offered by the publisher to users.

The content of the site

To compose the content of the site, the editor uses his editorial line.

The editorial line of the editor is centered around the subject of masturbation.

By editing the site, the publisher wishes to share his interest in this subject with users.

To feed its subject, the publisher monitors its environment. In particular, he learns about the works disclosed in the digital world. The publisher selects the works that fall within his editorial line.

On the basis of the selected works, the editor produces analyzes and short quotations for information. These analyzes and short quotes translate into digital articles stored on the publisher’s computer and in the servers it rents to the host. The publisher may reproduce and represent, in whole or in part, a graphic, plastic or audiovisual work of art by online press. This online press channel results in the site. The publisher clearly indicates the name of the author and the source of each work that he analyzes and reproduces. The exclusive aim of the publisher is the immediate information of users with the mission of putting users in touch with the works that the publisher analyzes as interesting and worthy of reproduction on the site.

The contents of the site can be the subject of articles, pages, wear labels, be grouped by categories, be classified in menus, be arranged in a certain way on the web pages, the whole forming a online magazine-type information site.

Respect of copyright

In accordance with article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code, when the work has been disclosed, the author cannot prohibit analyzes and short quotations justified by the informative nature of the work in which they are incorporated. , provided that the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated.

Likewise, the author may not prohibit the reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of a graphic or plastic work of art, by written, audiovisual or online press, for the sole purpose of immediate information. and in direct relation with the latter, provided that the name of the author is clearly indicated.

In addition, the Paris Court of Appeal set a precedent by recognizing the application of the exception of short quotation to audiovisual works in its decision n ° 13/16291 of January 27, 2015 and its decision n ° 08/04281 of April 10 2009.

The nature of the site

As an online magazine, the site is classified among “online journals and periodicals” in the subcategory number 58.14.20 of the French product classification (CPF) established by the National Institute of Statistics and Studies. economic (INSEE). The main content is updated less than four times a week, at constant time intervals, usually weekly or monthly, free or paid. This subcategory also includes parts of journals and periodicals such as headlines transmitted by regular frequency messaging.

The activity on the site corresponds to the edition of reviews and periodicals. It is subclass 58.14Z of the French classification of activities (NAF) established by INSEE. This subclass comprises publishing magazines published less than four times a week. This information may be published in electronic form, including on the internet.

Sale of advertising space

Among the products associated with its publishing activity, the site publisher may offer advertising space in electronic journals and periodicals (subcategory No. 58.14.32 of the CPF).

The advertising spaces on can be entire web pages, parts of more or less extensive web pages, hyperlinks located anywhere on one or more web pages, mentions in e-mails, all digital media. The content published in advertising spaces must comply with the editorial line of the publisher. This content can be text, drawings, photos, videos, sounds, all digital data.

Advertisers (sponsors)

The users of advertising spaces on the site are called “advertisers” or “sponsors”. In the absence of a standard rate, the terms of booking and payment for each advertising space are negotiated by the publisher and each advertiser. To make their request for advertising space, advertisers contact the publisher via the electronic address

Licensing services

Sub-category n ° 58.14.40 of the CPF established by INSEE called “license services for journals and periodicals” includes license services for the right of reproduction, distribution or use of journals and periodicals.

The use of the site consists in particular in using its web pages in order to operate an internet service such as the animation of a dating agency and the connection of the members of this dating agency.

The use of the site may consist in promoting offers.

The dealers

Users called “dealers” can request the granting of a license to have the right to use the site in the context of their activities. To request a license, users can contact the publisher by email via The terms of use and payment are negotiated by the publisher with each user.

The Jerk Off Plans

The Jerk Off Plans are meetings characterized by information on time, space, and personal contact details organized by a dating agency.

On a web page, the agency offers users to register to meet other registrants. Registration requires entering a valid email address and a city in the field indicated on the page.

After registration, users can receive information that interests them.

The registration interface on the agency list works with WordPress, Contact Form 7 and Flamingo software.

The information entered on the site is stored on the computers of OVH and the agency. The information collected is used to make the meetings requested by users possible. In order to facilitate the meetings, the information collected may be communicated to any person who can help with the meetings. All or part of this information may be communicated to all or some of the other registrants interested in the meetings.

Protection of personal data

To provide the best user experience, the publisher needs certain personal data. Users can communicate their personal data to the publisher via the site. The protection of personal data is guaranteed by the publisher by means of its confidentiality policy. For any request concerning his personal data, users can contact the publisher by email via the address


The computer system of the site uses cookies to guarantee users the best experience on the site. If users continue to use the site, the publisher assumes that they are satisfied with it and accepts it.

The publisher uses Google Analytics managed by the company Google in order to have quantitative and qualitative data from the site. Analysis of this data allows the publisher to optimize the site with the objective of offering the best experience to users.


The present general conditions of use can be modified at any time by the publisher. Before each use of the site it is recommended to read the current general conditions of use. If they continue to use the site then users are considered to have accepted the general conditions of use. The editor could never be responsible for a fact occurred or not occurred outside the field of these general conditions of use.

Last update of the general conditions of use: 09 July 2020

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